I have been in the Investigation business for over 30 years.  Over half that time was spent as a Police Detective and the rest in private practice.  I have had my share of clients throughout the years, ranging from corporate to domestic clients.  I found that the most intense, emotional cases to work are Domestic Infidelity cases.  You are always dealing with heated emotions that often times can cloud the judgement of the client.  People who are the victims of an unfaithful relationship are in constant torment from the different scenarios playing out in their mind.  They can't sleep, they have trouble focusing, which is brought on my the mental fatigue. The saying 'the truth will set you free" is the answer and remedy in most infidelity cases.  Even though the answer you find may be ugly, painful and hurtful, you will find some mental comfort that will bring you back to your self and provide some tranquility.  No one is perfect and everyone has emotions.  I have helped people from all walks of life, popular celebrities to business men and housewives.  Every person has displayed similar feelings. You are not crazy, just obsessing over learning the truth.  Although many spend the time on their own trying to catch a cheating husband, cheating wife, cheating girlfriend, cheating boyfriend or cheating partner, it is usually unsuccessful and difficult to find the answer that brings inner peace or satisfaction.  An expert Investigator can bring impartiality to the investigation and can be successful in finding the answer.  My advice to anyone who suspects unfaithfulness is to hire an expert.  In the end you will find the answer much faster so that you can find the inner peace you seek. After all you wouldn't attempt to perform  surgery on yourself?  No, you would have a professional surgeon do the operation.  Consult with a knowledgeable expert Investigator who can help you map out a game plan to find the truth.....


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